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Come Home to Barnert!

Preschool Classes

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Preschool registration is now open. In 2021, we will be fully back in the building! 

We are ready to welcome everyone home to Barnert for 2021-22. Beginning with our 2021 Day Camp and following COVID protocols, children will be back inside, while still utilizing our gorgeous outdoor campus. Please contact the school office for information on how to set up a meeeting with our Director of 32 years, Sara Losch, and to learn more about registration.

Morning schedule: 9am-12:30 pm
Full day schedule: 9 am-3 pm
Extended days available: 8 am-9 am and 3pm to 5 pm. Ask the School Office for a price sheet

Little Sprouts (15 Months – 2 Years)

We Know Your Child’s Needs
The first time you drop your little one off at an independent program can be challenging. We get it. We have 32 years of experience with successful, compassionate separation. We make it smooth for you and for your child. Stay, grab a cup of coffee and wait a while until your child is settled, or you can leave, and we will text you pictures. Our teachers are handpicked for patience and nurturing qualities.

Our Program
The Little Sprouts develop into a close, loving community, joining in on all the activities with the school. Only lunch is kept separate in their classroom for closer supervision. Language is promoted everyday through books, songs, discussions during meals, and on the many adventures. There are gross motor opportunities and sensory experiences offered daily as well as varied art materials to promote fine motor development and creativity.

Rising Stars (2 – 3 Years)

Fostering Independence
We focus on teaching social skills and independence to our Rising Stars in our safe, nurturing environment. Teachers are experienced and supportive of both you and your child's needs as this may be a first time separation or your venture into toilet training.

Our Program
Our classrooms are filled with sensory-based toys and equipment your child will enjoy. Our curriculum helps children to explore and discover the foundational experiences for their future math and language development. Self-help skills like dressing and cleaning up embed a sense of purpose and responsibility. We help each child develop a personal "tool box", working to self-regulate and manage social and emotional relationships.

The Big Shots (3 – 4 Years)

Expanding Horizons

The Big Shots are full of wonder, spending much time and energy observing and listening to everything that goes on around them. Through their observation skills, they practice processing ideas and concepts. This leads to advances in vocabulary, expression of thoughts and feelings, and communication skills.


Our Program

We provide many opportunities for children to exercise their new verbal skills and share their feelings through stories, graphs, dramatics and song. We make books and learn about authors, explore science by examining the world around us, and begin to teach the concept of Tikkun Olam by participating in social action projects, respecting the earth and recycling. Math is introduced by using number lines and through the manipulation, counting and sorting of real items (think acorns and pinecones) -most that the students have collected themselves.

Fantastics Pre-K (4 - 5 Years)

Independence and Drive

Our Pre-K children are ready for greater challenges. As the name suggests – they are simply fantastic! Eager to be independent and successful, the Fantastics learn to navigate complex social interactions and explore the world around them through a unique curriculum.


Our Program

We use a highly interactive, multi-sensory approach to science, social studies, literacy and math – all while encouraging cognitive risk taking. We empower the children to learn in groups and individually. Children are encouraged to become independent and motivated, active learners, feeding their self-esteem, and self-respect. The outdoor forest is our classroom every Friday. Graphing and recording nature's cycles, weaving on our large outdoor loom, experimenting with moving water in the stream, and feeling comfortable among nature, all extend the learning in a vast range of developmental categories. We make full use of our extraordinary facilities and beautiful grounds.

Tue, November 30 2021 26 Kislev 5782