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Come Home to Barnert!

Our Mission and Vision


Barnert’s ideals are a declaration of our purpose. They guide our priorities and decisions and measure the progress of our work together.


We are a welcoming Reform Jewish community, connected by the realization that we are part of something larger than ourselves, continually striving to excel at opening doors for ethical and spiritual growth.


The mission of the Barnert Temple is to be a sacred community, a k'hilah k'doshah, committed to offering Reform Jewish experiences that are relevant, accessible and meaningful, wherein people of all ages and backgrounds are appreciated and valued, engaged and inspired.


The people of the Barnert Temple are guided by these core values:

  • Mutual respect for one another: Derech Eretz
  • A partnership of members, leaders, staff, and clergy: Brit Shleimut
  • Love of the Jewish people and the State of Israel: Klal Yisrael
  • Repair of our world: Tikkun Olam
  • Questioning and seeking insight: Rodef Chochmah

We do this through:

WORSHIP that draws us together by

  • Encouraging spiritual growth
  • Offering insight
  • Engaging emotionally and intellectually
  • Posing questions about priorities

EDUCATION based on lifelong learning for the sake of

  • Personal and communal ethical growth
  • Deepening a sense of emotional and intellectual commitment to our heritage
  • Promoting Jewish literacy and comfort with Torah, liturgy, Hebrew and the breadth of Jewish textual resources and history

A CARING COMMUNITY based on compassionate living and social justice

  • Developing and upholding a culture of caring
  • Recognizing the needs of the stranger as our own
  • Offering multiple opportunities to participate in the work of tikkun olam
  • Knowing that one voice will join others and make a difference


  • Linking ourselves to our Jewish homeland and our people
  • Encouraging a personal experience of Israel
  • Supporting the work of Reform Judaism in Israel
  • Teaching that Israel is every Jew’s birthright


  • No financial barriers to participation
  • Fiscal transparency and responsibility
  • Ensuring the continuity and future of the Barnert Temple
  • Teaching that tzedakah is a fundamental Jewish obligation

COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL INTERACTION, broadening opportunities for social connections and community support by

  • Supporting the efforts of our auxiliaries
  • Encouraging collaboration and cooperation
  • Building and deepening relationships
  • Networking


Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783