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Come Home to Barnert!


BarTY, which stands for Barnert Temple Youth, is the High School voice of the Barnert Temple community. BarTY is a part of NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth,, the national Jewish Reform teen movement).

A Youth Group is meant to be a place for youth to grow, where one can find a different spiritual/emotional connection to Judaism through Temple Youth Group programming and NFTY conferences. Our Youth Group promotes informal education in the form of social action, religious experience, cultural programming and a social environment outside the classroom.

Each year, BarTY runs a variety of programs and events. Examples of these events include: 

  • Social get-togethers like group trips to Cirque Du Soleil, Great Adventure, Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, Dorney Park, Laser Tag, and New York City.
  • Social service events like the chocolate tasting to raise money to end homelessness in NJ;
  • "Food for Thought" dinner to raise money for a school in Cambodia;
  • March Midnight Run to collect items to help the homeless in New York City;Billy Bloomberg
  • and preparing food for St. Paul's Men's Shelter.

BarTY has also had a larger role and presence in Temple-wide events. If you would like to become part of Barnert Temple's Youth Group, please contact our Youth Director.

Contact: Billy Bloomberg, Youth Director


Wed, August 15 2018 4 Elul 5778