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Come Home to Barnert!

The Program everyone is talking about: The JEWISH JOURNEY PROJECT (JJP)


Our registration is bursting with new and wonderful new students. Everyone is busy, noisily learning, making new friends and participating in Jewish rituals. Interested?Contact Sara Losch at:

The Jewish Journey Project (JJP) is NOTHING like "religious school."

Bruchim Haba’im! Welcome! We are thrilled to introduce you to the Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple!

Our Barnert community has always been at the forefront of Jewish innovation.  In the past years, we have seen the needs of our families shift significantly. In response to these changes, we identified a unique opportunity to bring the cutting edge, New York City based Jewish Journey Project, to Barnert. Jewish Journey Project Barnert Temple (JJP) is a revolutionary response to these shifting needs, making quality, engaging flexible Jewish education at Barnert more accessible.

What makes JJP so innovative and unique is that there are multiple ways to create your family’s Jewish journey. JJP participants plan and build personalized journeys, choosing courses and workshops that match their passions and curiosities as well as preferred learning style. The JJP model is based on flexibility, creativity, and experiential learning.  Participants work collaboratively with inspiring educators from diverse professional backgrounds.

JJP is a two semester per year program: (Fall, Winter/Spring)

Hebrew instruction is offered on Sunday morning and on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Judaics Courses are offered on the same three days, allowing families to choose to do both courses on the same day of the week, or splitting them and doing one on one day, the other on a different day. 

Courses engage students in ideas that are relevant to their lives and are taught using modalities that are exciting to them. Students learn about Judaism through cooking, wood working, photography, music, art, yoga and discussion.

We could not be more excited to begin this new Journey together. Please share JJP with any friends who may be interested in learning more about it and about joining our Barnert community. As always, we are here to answer any questions.

Kadima! Let’s go!

Sara Losch, Director of Lifelong Learning
Rabbi Rachel Steiner
Jennifer Katz-Goldstein, Assistant Director

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TAG: The Kathie F. Williams scholarship initiative

TAG provides students in grades 3-6 and their families multiple ways to connect with Judaism outside of the Temple environment, thus strengthening the home/school/synagogue relationship AND making  Jewish living more accessible.

TAG reminds us that the world stands on three things: 
Torah  - Study
Avodah - Ritual and worship
Gemilut Chasadim - Acts of human kindness
Kathie was a person who lived this principle AND she was someone who successfully and enthusiastically tagged people in to action and leadership.

TAG offers students opportunities to earn points through action. At year's end, students receive either "Honorable Menschen" certificates, or significant monetary scholarships to be used for Jewish activities (summer camp, youth trips) and trips to Israel.


See choices for grade by grade offerings. Remember: You can have your3rd-6th grader do both courses on te same day, or split the days, one Hebrew and one Judaics course.

Kindergarten-2nd grade      9:30-10:45 am
3rd-6th grade                         9:30-10:45 am (Judaics)
                                                  10:45-12:00 pm (Hebrew)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Kindergarten-2nd grade      4-5:15 pm (Wednesdays) 3rd-6th grade                        4-5:15 pm (Hebrew)
                                                 5:15-6:30 pm (Judaics)
7th-10th grade  (Tuesdays)  5:15 -6:30 pm 

Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyar 5782