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Come Home to Barnert!


Beyond B-Mitzvah, we offer a deeper-dive into Judaism for young adult learners. We LOVE these years with our teens!

The 8th and 9th Grade Experience, Ma'ayan (the source): 
With Rabbi Scheffler as their guide, 8th and 9th graders discuss topics that are relevant to them and to the Jewish people. They look at the world through a Jewish lens, tackling issues that matter to teens. And how do we know what matters? We ask them! Students want to come each week. They often need each other, to support each other through life's challenges and to cheer each other on. We meet every Tuesday.

10th Grade, Confirmation:
Join Rabbi Steiner and your peers for a year of asking big questions, trying out answers, and digging into the world around us through a Jewish lens. We’ll talk about God (or no God), reincarnation, good and evil, how to deal with the difficult stuff in your lives. Anything goes. We’ll see films, learn from text and music, and teach each other. Most importantly, we’ll become a community. You’ll be amazed at how we’ll appreciate and respect one other. Confirmation is an unmatched opportunity for access to each other, to our amazing Jewish tradition, and to Rabbi Steiner. It’s a transformative experience (for students, parents, and your rabbi!) for this year’s 10th graders. Questions? Email Rabbi Steiner.

11th and 12th Grade, Post-Confirmation:
The Jewish conversation broadens, deepens and continues all the way through high school, with students guided by Rabbi Steiner. Post Confirmation students love their very informal group times. Rabbi Steiner will reach out with dates/times.

BarTY, our Teen Youth Group: 
BarTY is the pride of our community. Our teens are as serious about tikkun olam, the repair of the world, as they are about their social time together. Any Jewish teen can join BarTY - they do not need to be Temple members. For information, contact our BarTY advisor, Ethan Greenberg and Jess Tucker.

Madrichim, Classroom Helpers: 
There is no better incentive to a younger student than having a teenager as an assistant in the classroom. Our madrichim are in 8th-12th graders who interact with, model for, and help lead our younger children. To be a madrich (male) or madricha (female) leader, the teen must be enrolled in JJP.

Day Camp Counselors: 
Thank goodness for youthful energy! Our summer preschool day camp is an active place, with children ages 1.5 to 5 years old in and out of water play, going into the garden and the forest, and running around freely (with LOTS of supervision). Our teenagers are a big part of the success of our Day Camp. For information on becoming a camp counselor (we have very limited space), contact Jackie Byrne, School Administrator, at

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