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Mitzvah Mall Exceeds $31,000 in Donations!

Thanks to everyone who helped raised money and awareness for our 11 Mitzvah Mall charities.  We will be sending out checks for more than $31,000 to help these grassroots organizations achieve their missions to make a difference. 

Next up for Team Tzedek: 

Save the Date!  2015 Mitzvah Mall and Mens' Club Pancake Breakfast: Sunday, February 8

Ongoing Planning: Help us achieve our vision to engage as many community members as possible in the pursuit of social justice, and make Mitzvah Mall 2015, and the programs leading up to it, even more educational, motivational and inspirational. Contact Co-chairs Sue KleinRon Lynn, or Eileen Roman.

September 21, 11 am - 1 pm: Learning, Sorting and Vetting Session with Sara Losch

October 19, 8:30 - 11 am: Team Tzedek Brunch


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2014 Mitzvah Mall Charities

Click on the names of the organizations below to learn more.


Welcoming the Family

Family Promise of Bergen County 

Keeps local families together in times of crisis, shepherding them through temporary periods of homelessness by helping them create an achievable vision and develop a strong foundation for self-sufficiency. 

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Chair: Donna Meyer




The Blue Card 

Provides monthly or emergency financial assistance for medical, dental, and precautionary health services that permit survivors of the Holocaust to live with dignity in their own homes.

Chosen by 7th Grade Religious School Students
Chair: Richard Edelman



Redeeming the Captive

Unchained at Last 

The only U.S. organization dedicated to helping women leave arranged marriages by providing pro bono legal assistance, social services, mentorship, advocacy and awareness.  

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Chair: Naomi Gamorra



Women's Issues

National Council of Jewish Women 

Strives for social justice by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms and improving the quality of life for women, children, and families.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Chairs: Lisa and Jeff Dugal



Children's Health

Eitan's Hope for Children 

Provides gift baskets specifically designed to lift the spirits of children and young adults with life threatening illnesses.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Chair: Debra Birrer





Creates healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond through transformative experiences, thought leadership, and capacity building.

Chosen by 6th Grade Religious School Students
Chair: Karen Dougherty


Animal Charity

Raises funds and awareness to find sanctuary and forever homes for animals retired from research and other related fields.

Chosen by 3rd & 4th Grade Religious School Students
Chair: Myndee Males & Susan Esserman-Schack




Midnight Run 

Organizes late-night relief efforts, where volunteers distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless, and creates a forum for fostering trust, sharing, understanding and affection from which longer-term solutions may evolve.

Chosen by K-2nd Grade Religious School Students
Chairs: BarTY Members




Adler Aphasia 

Provides a therapeutic environment with innovative programs that give people with acquired communication disorders, and their caregivers, ways to reconnect with life.

Chosen by 5th Grade Religious School Students
Chairs: Marianne Krantz & Leslie Adler




In Their Shoes 

Partners with Israeli organizations, nursing homes, medical professionals, and caregivers to raise awareness and understanding of dementia and aging issues.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Committee and Brunch Participants
Chair: Rebecca Miller



Hurricane Sandy

The Good People Fund 

We welcome back the Good People Fund, an organization that fosters connections between good people doing great work and directs help to those who need it most.

Chosen by Team Tzedek Brunch Participants
Chair: Jacques Ohayon